CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 3/26/20: SCM Dentistry Helps Patients with Emergency Dental Needs

While many businesses, even ours, have been asked to temporarily close or limit business hours, we know that if you’re suffering from tooth pain or other oral issues, you need to seek help to alleviate the pain. That’s why South Coast Metro Center for Dentistry & Implants is available to help with any emergency dental need.

The Coronavirus has impacted everyone’s daily routine and created an element of uncertainty. Unfortunately, tooth pain doesn’t go away during these times and we highly recommend that you address the situation sooner rather than later, so it doesn’t become a more complex issue. Tooth pain can be unbearable. You can’t see it, it doesn’t go away on its own and you can’t massage it like a muscle knot. But tooth pain can be an indicator of a serious problem that requires immediate attention from a dentist. Most toothaches are the result of tooth decay or advanced gum disease. The pain you feel – usually when you eat or drink something sweet, very hot or very cold – is an alarm bell telling you that the tissues and nerves inside your tooth are irritated.

The Coronavirus, as well as other viruses, thrive in the oral and nasal cavities. We can’t stress enough the importance of at-home oral care, especially at this time. Stepping up your at-home oral routine will help you to reduce the virus. Here are a few “at-home” tips for you to follow during this time to improve your oral hygiene:

• Brush twice a day, floss and rinse thoroughly with alcohol-free mouth rinse for at least

30 seconds to kill viruses and germs

• Drink lots of water/fluids

• Eat healthy

• Maintain proper sleep habits

• Wipe and disinfect all surfaces multiple times a day

• Stay home if you are sick

• Maintain “social distancing”

• Cover your coughs and sneezes

We all need to do our part to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. If you or anyone you know is suffering with oral pain, please recommend that they seek emergency dental help, as waiting can lead to more serious problems.

Stay safe and healthy,

Your South Coast Metro Center for Dentistry & Implants Team

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