Did You Know That Keeping Your Self Hydrated Leads to a Healthy Mouth?

As we move into warmer #summer weather, it's important for your entire body, including your #mouth, to stay #hydrated and #healthy. But think carefully when you choose your #beverage – some drinks can increase your risk of #toothdecay.

Here are some helpful tips on the types of hydration that are good for you.

1. Water, water, #water. Drink water! Water keeps your mouth moist. It's important to drink water throughout the day. In addition, water will help wash away #plaque-causing #bacteria and can even improve your breath.

2. Choose #tapwater. While we all want to reach for a bottled water or more purified water, it's important to understand that tap water has great fluoridation that leads to strengthening your enamel, making your teeth more resistant to decay.

3. Don't drink #carbonateddrinks. Most carbonated drinks have acid that will wear down your #toothsenamel, so read the label.

4. Whenever possible use a #straw, especially if you have to drink an acidic beverage. Using a straw reduces the liquids direct contact with the teeth.

5. Drink tea. Tea has been known to have compounds that suppress bacteria, slowing down #toothdecay and #gumdisease, but don't add sugar.

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