How a Dental Hygienist Saved a Patients Life

"As I was talking to one of my #patients, and getting ready to do the oral exam, I noticed two #abnormal looking #spots on her face. One was in the corner of her nose and the other above her lip. They were #asymmetrical, dark and light brown in color, and the borders were a little raised. Remembering the ABC’s of #cancer and caring for my patient, I asked her if she had ever had anybody look at those two areas on her face. She said her primary care #doctor just said they would keep watching them, and he wasn’t too concerned. I then told her I didn’t really like the way they looked and explained the ABC’s of cancer.

I assured her when the #dentist came in for the oral exam I would be sure to point them out to him for his opinion. When he came in the room, I shared my concerns with him, and he agreed she needed to make an appointment with a #dermatologist of her choice, just to be sure of what the #lesions could be.

The next thing we knew, the patient came in and told us how much she appreciated us. The lesions on her face were indeed cancer, a type of #squamous #cell #carcinoma, and we helped #save #her #life! After three major cancer #removal and #reconstruction #surgeries of her nose and upper lip, our patient is now #cancer #free. It is a great feeling to have known that just a few seconds of “looking” at the patient’s #skin and taking care to look at more than just her mouth, saved her life."

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