I Have Dry Mouth, What Mouthwash Should I Use?

We periodically have #patients asking about what product is the right product to use; #toothpaste, #mouthwash, etc. As we've discussed with many of you, each patients situation is different, but we believe that using a product that has a #sealofapproval from the #ADA (American Dental Association) is a good idea. Just recently, the ADA put their seal of approval on Biotene oral rinse. In a recent statement from the ADA: "The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs’ Acceptance of Biotene is based on its finding that the product is safe and has shown efficacy in temporarily relieving #drymouth symptoms, when used as directed."

When used as part of your #dailyoralhealth care routine, Biotene is an ideal #oralrinse for managing your dry mouth symptoms. It contains a mouth-moisturizing system to provide soothing, lubricating relief and its gentle, alcohol-free formula refreshes your mouth, while helping to keep it clean, to maintain a healthy mouth.

Hear what a few people have to say about Biotene:

Sean - "Two throat surgeries for cancer and 30 radiation treatments wreaked some havoc on the salivary glands in my mouth and this product has been tremendous during my recovery...thank you very much"

Danielle - "I have dry mouth due to medicine and had to have dental surgery and had all but 7 of my teeth removed and it helps relieve the dryness that I have I don't know if it helps with swelling or not but it definitely helps with dry mouth I would recommend it I also bought the spray"

Mary Sue - "It is great and I encourage anyone to try if, they have a problem with dry mouth. My problem is at night, I wake up at night, and everything I tried didn't work until my pharmacist told me about Biotene. I am some glad he did"


For more information: ADA and Biotene

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