Is Chewing Ice Bad for My Teeth?

Yes. You’d be surprised at how many people think ice is good for their #teeth because it's water and doesn't have sugar. Well, we're here to tell you that chewing on hard substances, like ice, can leave your teeth vulnerable to a #dentalemergency and #damageteethenamel.

Advice: Break the habit and enjoy water in its liquid form or go for shaved ice, slushies, or even “soft” ice, also known as nugget ice, which is #slushier than regular #cubedice.

If you still have the need to crunch, try crunching on a carrot, cucumber or apple. There’s an additional benefit to #crunching on crisp #fruits and #vegetables; all that chewing of fibrous material will #stimulate #saliva production, which acts as a natural #mouthwash.

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