Utilizing Dental Lasers to Improve Patient Care

Updated: Feb 22

The use of laser treatments in dentistry has been around for years and has also been a part of the SCM Dentistry practice as well. As the advancements in laser treatments evolve it's no wonder our laser certified hygienist, Evey continues to utilize its benefits in patient care. Diode lasers are used in our hygiene department to treat gum problems, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. In this video, Evey utilizes a diode laser to reduce puffy bleeding gums, reduce gum infection and promote gum healing.

The Picasso Laser is used to remove inflamed tissue around your teeth, which gives us access to treat problems below the gum line and helps enhance the appearance of your smile.

Many patients are fearful about the pain of a dental procedure, but with the Picasso Laser there is no need for scalpels, sutures or anesthesia. We often numb the area affected to ensure complete patient comfort. Procedures performed with the Picasso Laser also result in shorter recovery times.

There are several benefits to using lasers for clearing out diseased gum tissue. The four main advantages of using laser therapy to treat gum disease are as follows:

  • Recovery and healing times are shorter.

  • You won't need general anesthetic, as is sometimes required for other forms of dental surgery.

  • Lasers can target the diseased areas precisely and accurately.

  • There's less bleeding, pain, and swelling because periodontal laser therapy is less invasive than regular surgery.

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by a bacterial infection. Hence the bactericidal and detoxifying effect of laser treatment is advantageous in periodontal therapy. The diode laser’s bactericidal effectiveness has been well-documented.

At your next appointment ask Evey if using a laser is right for you!

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