What is Laser Bacterial Reduction?

Updated: Mar 8

Are you aware that one of the ways we at SCM Dentistry use laser bacterial reduction therapy (LBR) is to ward off gum disease?

LBR therapy is a quick procedure, and its effects can last for up to 6 months!

A huge bonus with lasers is their ability to target and reduce bacteria – and Laser Bacterial Reduction is a specific procedure designed to do exactly that. This simple, and effective procedure is done prior to the teeth cleaning and relies on high-powered lasers to target and reduce bacteria in the patients’ mouth.

During the ultrasonic and scaling process bacteria can enter the bloodstream via blood vessels surrounding the teeth and travel throughout the body, contributing to other infections, especially in medically compromised patients. Helping to decontaminate the sulcus prior to the teeth cleaning reduces the risk of a bacteremia, or bacteria in the bloodstream.

On any given day, the bacteria count in our mouths likely reaches the billions. With LBR, we can drop that number from the billions down to several hundred, and then sustain that number for up to 6 weeks in-between regularly scheduled teeth cleanings.

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